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Flexible Ducts

We are into offering Flexible Ducts. These Flexible Ducts give high performance along with trouble free functioning has made our range a requisite requirement for various industries. These Flexible Ducts are used for the purpose of controlling angular position. Renowned for their durability, these Flexible Ducts are equipped with motor, control mechanism, high quality components which combine together to improve their overall performance.




Quality specification

Fully tested

Trouble free performance


Diameter : 4" to 20"


Length : 25 ft.

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Decorative Ducts

Decorative Ducts are newest type of ducts made of coloured polyester covering on aluminium or OPP (on demand) and high steel wire. Suitable for interior like Auditorium, Restaurant, Banquet Halls and Shops, etc. insulated as well as un-insulated ducts are available.

Standard Length : 25ft.

Range : 4” to 20”

Max. Permissible velocity : 5000 fpm
Max Recommended Working Pressure : 8” w. g.
Temperature Range : 32°-200° F
Insulation Thickness : 25 mm
Insulation Density : 16 kg/ m³
Insulation R- Value : 4.2 ( ºF – Ft² – hr/Btu)

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Aluminum Duct

Our Aluminium Ducts are manufactured from premium grade aluminium and offered to the clients in various sizes. These find application in air conditioners, exhausts and ducts, due to which these are highly demanded in the domestic market. We only deliver quality-tested products that are heat resistant, leak proof, flexible, durable and exhibit excellent ductility.


Diameter : 4" to 18"


Length : 10 ft.

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Aluminum Duct Hose


Ideal for ventilation & air conditioning system

High quality for Indian market


semi-regid aluminum, high flexibility and axial compressibility, 0.11mm thickness or as request


Low/Medium pressure central HVAC systems and ventilation systems
Recommended for Industrial Air Movement and Fume Control Applications; Abrasion Resistant;A/C Ventilation ;Chemical Fumes;Confined Space Ventilation ;Fume Exhaust;Garage Exhaust ;High Temperature Applications ;Pollution Control ;Ventilation

Chimney Ducts Pipe


Transferring hot air and chemicals through a fireplace flue is heavy-duty work.The use of improper Chimney Ducts can lead to complications such as fire hazards, structural damage to the Chimney, and hazardous materials and fumes coming back into the building To handle the high temperature operating conditions, we recommend using heat resistant a stainless steel or an aluminum Chimney Ducts At ENVIRO TECH, we have multiple Flexible Chimney Pipe options to provide you with the necessary tools for safe and effective operation.


Corrosion is a serious issue that significantly reduces the lifespan of a fireplace flue. Fortunately, stainless steel and aluminum resist corrosion damage caused by moisture, chemicals, and fumes.Our stainless steel Chimney Ducts are an excellent long-term investment because they are resistant to chemicals and materials that would cause severe damage to clay and brick Chimney Ducts Along with great resistance to corrosive materials, the stainless steel construction of some our hose materials is heat resistant up to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit.

Aluminium Ducting Pipe


Accurate dimensions

Longer service life

Low maintenance

Flexible Aluminium Ducting Hose


With rich expertise, we offer our clients a wide range of Aluminum Flexible Duct Pipe which is constructed using special aluminum alloy. These prevents our product from corrosion and metal fatigue. The fabrication of our machines help us in producing a continuous lock seam. This allows the duct to be pulled open, compressed, bent and re-bent without any leakage. Further, these results in not being dry rot when heat aged. These can be installed with severe bends. Apart from this, these can also be installed in unlimited lengths while maintaining an unrestricted diameter. Our range is conveniently boxed in 5 foot, 10 foot and 15 foot lengths. It is compressed to nearly 3 times its original length. This ensures convenient shipping and handling.




Aluminum Flexible Ducting can be used in the following Applications:

Heating air Conditioning


Fresh Air Intakes

Ideal for use in clothes dryer, bathroom and kitchen exhausts


Features Benefits:


Totally non-combustible Maximum operating temperature 435ºF

Can be bent into any configuration No need for elbows

Near zero permeability and leakage Reduces energy loss

Will not sag between 6 foot supports Easy installation


Performance Data

Flame Spread Zero

Smoke Developed

Temperature Range 100°F to 435°F
Maximum Velocity 5000FPM
3" to 10" Diameter

Static Pressure – positive

12” W.G.
Static Pressure – negative 12” W.G.
12" to 20" Diameter

Static Pressure – positive

8” W.G.

Static Pressure – negative

8” W.G.
Permeance Near Zero

Max. Installed Length

No Limit
Product Range
Diameters (inches) 3 4 5 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20
Standard Length (Feet) 5 10 15




Easy to use

Durability quality

Corrosion resistance

Insulated Duct

Insulated Duct is constructed with a spring steel wire helix encapsulated in a 2 ply, air tight black inner core. Thermal efficiency is provided by fiberglass insulation encompasses the core. The outer jacket is made of tough metalized polyester film laminate, which acts as vapour barrier surface as well.

Standard Length : 25ft.

Range : 4” to 20”
Max. Permissible velocity : 5000 fpm
Max Recommended Working Pressure : 8” w. g.
Temperature Range : 32°-200° F
Insulation Thickness : 25 mm
Insulation Density : 16 kg/ m³
Insulation R- Value : 4.2 ( ºF – Ft² – hr/Btu)

Packing : 1 pc (25 ft) per carton.

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