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Dwyer Digital differential pressure gauge

Monitor the pressure of air and compatible gases just as its famous analog predecessor the Magnehelic® Differential Pressure Gage. All models are factory calibrated to specific ranges. The 4-digit LCD can display readings in common English and metric units so conversions are not necessary. The simplified four button operation reduces set up time and simplifies calibration with its digital push button zero and span.

Dwyer Digital Differential Pressure Gauge

Experience of this domain, we provide clients with the premium quality of Dwyer Digital Differential Pressure Gauge. For regulation and monitoring of pressure of different industrial applications, the offered Dwyer digital differential pressure gauge is used. Simple calibration and thermal stability make the pressure gauge highly demanded. 


  • Simplifies calibration with its digital push button
  • Four button operation reduces set up time
  • Easy to use and maintain
Differential Pressure Switch

Being a market leader of this domain, we present clients with the premium quality of Differential Pressure Switch. Known for its simple calibration, digital push button and reduced set up time, the differential pressure switch is used for monitoring of air filters. Furthermore, the differential pressure switch is used for monitoring of ventilators. 


  • Monitoring of industrial cooling air circuits
  • Simple calibration
  • Easy to use and maintain 

Other Details:

  • monitoring of air filters and ventilators
  • monitoring of industrial cooling air circuits
  • monitoring flow in ventilation ducts
  • overheating protection in fan heaters
  • AHU status, fan status monitoring
  • controlling air and fire-protection flaps
  • frost protection for heat exchangers


  • 20-200Pa to 200-4000Pa measuring range
  • contacts: 1.0A, 250VAC
  • IP54 with cover
  • adjustable switching knob
  • also available in ATEX, Hazardous area certified (Gr IIB, Gases)


  • Clean rooms, pharmaceutical
  • building ventilation
  • fan status monitoring
  • Oil & gas
  • Food processing
  • Textile industries
Differential Pressure Transmitter

Cost Effective for B.A.S. Applications, Digital Push- Button Calibration with One- Touch Transmitter Technology.The Series 616K & 616OT Differential Pressure Transmitters with One-Touch technology are designed for simplicity making them the ideal choice for installers and maintenance professionals.The One-Touch Differential Pressure Transmitters are cost-effective, compact transmitters that reduce up front costs as well as expenses over the life of the product.

Differential Pressure Transmitter

Differential pressure transmitter from Beck Gmbh 984m series are used for measuring differential pressure, positive pressure and vacuum pressure. These sensor offer 2 pressure ranges which can be alternatively be selected by a jumper for monitoring gases, clean air and non-aggressive media.


  • Air conditioning and clean rooms
  • Building automation
  • Environment protection
  • fans and blower control
  • valve and flap control
  • filter and blower monitoing
  • stair pressurisation
  • control of air flows
  • Air flow monitoring
  • Air velocity measurement
  • Gas Flow measurement
  • Gas flow metering


  • Dual jumper selectable measuring range measuring range: 0-100Pa to 0-250kPa with or without display
  • 4-20mA, 0-10V jumper selectable output square rooted function output
  • IP54, IP65 housing 2, 3 wire connection
  • Eg. 984m.535 0-1kPA/ 0-2.5 kPa
Digital Differential Pressure Gauges

The series A1 digital differential pressure gage is a patent pending microprocessor based digital pressure gauge for positive, negative, and differential measurement designed to be a direct replacement for mechanical gauges. The Series A1 differential pressure gauges utilize an extremely stable piezoresistive sensing technology to give a standard full scale accuracy of 1%. For applications requiring better accuracy, the A1 is also available with 0.5% accuracy. The A1 pressure gauge also has an optional 4-20 mA output for applications requiring an output signal. The A1 features a bright ½" LED display, which gives the gauge improved readability and precision. The A1 digital differential pressure gauges also feature 5 user selectable engineering units including in. w.c., mm w.c., cm w.c., kPa, and Pa. The Series A1 offers an improved look, and performance compare to mechanical gauges for a similar price
Maximum Pressure:
4" w.c. and less = 2 PSI; 5" w.c. and above = 10 PSI
Media compatibility:
Air and compatible non combustible, non corrosive gasses
Axxx0-xx - 1.00%; Axxx1-xx - 0.50%; Axxx2-xx – 0.25%
Temperature Ranges: Compensated and Operating:
-10° to 140°F (-23° to 60°C)
Thermal Effect*:
/- 0.012% FS/°F
Output Signal:
4-20 mA (option)
Loop Resistance:
750 Ω Max (for internally sourced power); 1800 Ω Max
(for externally sourced power of 36 VDC)
Power Supply:
Universal 24-240 VAC or VDC
Housing Material:
Glass Filled Nylon
Enclosure Rating:
Designed to meet NEMA 4X face; with optional
cover the entire product is weatherproof

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